S. No Account/SPO Name Student Branch Code
1 Coimbatore Inst Of Tech STB81651
2 Kalaignar Karunanidhi Inst of Tech STB02431
3 Akshaya College of Engineering & Technology STB09151
4 Anna University – Coimbatore STB05811
5 RVS College of Eng and Tech Kumaran Kottam STB10241
6 Karunya Inst of Technology & Sciences STB31061
7 Sri Krishna College of Tech STB13131
8 Sri Ramakrishna Inst of Tech STB10070
9 Government College of Tech-Coimbatore STB81571
10 Hindusthan College of Eng and Tech – Coimbatore STB16381
11 Hindusthan Institute of Technology STB15122
12 JCT College of Engineering and Technology STB64275
13 PPG Institute of Technology STB64274
14 RVS Technical Campus STB64283
15 PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research STB11740
16 Study World College of Engineering STB60209305
17 Dr Mahalingam College Of Engr & Tech STB61631
18 Dr N G P Institute of Technology STB05511
19 Kumaraguru College of Tech STB29751
20 Sri Krishna College Of Eng & Tech-Coimbatore STB61261
21 KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology STB18861
22 Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College – Coimbatore STB61491
23 Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore STB03961
24 Jansons Institute of Technology STB09271
25 PSG College of Tech STB12951